Chicken Meals

 All served with fries


3 piece chicken 
5 piece chicken 
9 piece chicken 
15 piece chicken  
18 piece chicken   
21 piece chicken   
Fried Oyster 
Whole Belly Clams
Shrimp Platter 
6 Fan Tail Shrimps
Clam Strips


All served with Fries 


Chicken & Chips 

Chicken N' Chips (2 piece boneless)
Junior Chicken N' Chips (1 piece) 


(Fish N' Chicken Combo    
Fisherman's Platter      
(Fish, Shrimps, Scallops, Fries & Coleslaw)
Fish Sandwich w/ Fries (can soda)
Chicken Sandwich w/ Fries (can soda)



Authentic English Fish & Chips
(2 pieces Cod or Haddock)
Junior Fish & Chips (1 piece) 
Family Fish & Chips (9 pieces) 
Family Fish Only (9 pieces)
Grilled Salmon w/ Vegetables
​Grilled Haddock or Cod w Vegetables 




(Rice pudding w/ cardamom & crushed almonds) 
6 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll  
9 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
12 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
15 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll
20 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
3 piece chicken only
5 piece chicken only
9 piece chicken only     
12 piece chicken only  
15 piece chicken only  
21 piece chicken only

Chicken with Fries

All served with fries 







Non Vegetarian                           Vegetarian

Side Orders

Onion Rings    
New England Clam Chowder
Small Fries   
Large Fries        
1 piece Fish    
Kabob Roll                         
2 Samosas w/ lettuce, tom, onion                                                          

Hot Wings & Fries

3 piece chicken
5 piece chicken  
9 piece chicken  
12 piece chicken 

Chicken Only

Bangan Achari w/ Naan                      $10.99
(Baby Eggplant cooked in traditional
curry w/ pickles) 

Daal w/ Rice or Naan                          $10.99
(Lentil curry mildly spiced 
garnished with cilantro) 

Panjabi Chana w/ Naan                      $10.99
(Chickpease cooked in a traditional style
with aromatic spices) 

Malai Palak w/ Naan                          $12.99
​(Creamed spinach cooked with spices
and herbs

Palak Paneer w/ Naan                        $12.99
(Spinach cooked with cubes of cheese 
in spices and herbs)

Bhindi Masala w/ Naan                       $11.99
(Chopped okra cooked w/ sliced onions, 
tomatoes & spices) 

Vegetarian Biryani                             $11.99
(Vegetables cooked w/ basmati rice, 
herbs & spices in sealed pot) 

​Aaloo Gobi w/ Naan                           $11.99
(Cauliflower & potatoes cooked in 
traditional style w/ spices & herbs)

​Kari Pakora w/ Naan                          $10.99
(Yo​gurt based yellow sauce cooked
w/ vegetable dumplings) 
Chicken Tikka Masala W/ Naan         $13.99
(Boneless cubed chicken marinated 
in yogurt & spices cooked in clay oven) 
Chicken Tikka Kabobs                      $11.99
(Boneless cubed chicken marinated in 
spices cooked in clay oven)
Chicken Biryani                                  $12.99
(Chicken w/ herbs, spices, onions
traditionally cooked with basmati rice) 
Chicken Seekh Kabobs (2pcs)          $5.99
(Ground Chicken w/ spices, cooked
​on a skewer in a clay oven) 
Chappal Kabob w/ Naan (2pcs)         $8.99
(Ground Chicken w/ spices, tomatoes,
onion, cooked on a griddle) 
Chicken Karahi w/ Naan or Rice        $12.99
(Boned Chicken cooked w/ spices, 
herbs in a wok) 
Chicken Curry w/ Naan                      $12.99
(Boneless Chicken cooked in 
curry w/ onions & tomatoes in a wok)
Chicken Achari w/ Naan                     $12.99
(Boned chicken w/ pickled flavor
cooked in curry w/ onions & tomatoes) 
Mutton Curry w/ Naan                       $18.99
(Goat cooked in traditional curry
w/ onions & tomatoes)
Mutton Palak w/ Naan                       $18.99
(Goat cooked w/ spinach in curry
​w/ onions & tomatoes) 
Mutton Biryani                                   $18.99
(Goat with herbs, spices,
onions traditionally cooked with basmati rice)
Haleem w/ Naan                                 $12.99
(Four grains mixed w/ ground beef
or chicken cooked in spices) 
Nihari w/ Naan                                    $12.99
(Boneless beef traditionally cooked w/ herbs
& spices in a curry)
Chicken Korma w/ Naan                    $12.99
(Boneless chicken cooked with herbs & spices in yogurt based sauce)
Chicken Haleem w/ Naan                   $12.99
​(Four Lentils mixed with ground chicken or beef 
cooked in spices and herbs)
​Butter Chicken w/ Naan                      $12.99
​(Boneless cubed chicken cooked
with herbs and spics in tomato based sauce)
Chicken 65 w/ Naan                             $12.99
(Boneless chicken cooked with
herbs and spices with chili and garlic sauce)
Fish curry w/ Naan                               $13.99
​(Boneless and skinless cod fish cooked with traditional curry sauce)

Kids Menu

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Fish Sticks w/ Fries   
Chicken Strips w/ Fries 

   Fish and Chips & Seafood

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