Fish and Chips & Seafood

       Royal Indian Cuisine




Onion Rings    
New England Clam Chowder
Small Fries   
Large Fries        
1 piece Fish    
Kabob Roll                         
2 Samosas w/ lettuce, tom, onion                                                          

Hot Wings & Fries

6 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll  
9 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
12 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
15 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll
20 hot wings 3 w/ fries & 1 roll 
3 piece chicken
5 piece chicken  
9 piece chicken  
12 piece chicken 

Chicken Only

3 piece chicken only
5 piece chicken only
9 piece chicken only     
12 piece chicken only  
15 piece chicken only  
21 piece chicken only

3 piece chicken 
5 piece chicken 
9 piece chicken 
15 piece chicken  
18 piece chicken   
21 piece chicken   
Fried Oyster 
Whole Belly Clams
Shrimp Platter 
6 Fan Tail Shrimps
Clam Strips


(Fish N' Chicken Combo    
Fisherman's Platter      
(Fish, Shrimps, Scallops, Fries & Coleslaw)


Authentic English Fish & Chips
(2 pieces Cod or Haddock)
Junior Fish & Chips (1 piece) 
Family Fish & Chips (9 pieces) 
Family Fish Only (9 pieces)
Grilled Salmon w/ Vegetables
​Grilled Haddock or Cod w Vegetables 





(Rice pudding w/ cardamom & crushed almonds) 

Kids Menu

Fish Sticks w/ Fries   
Chicken Strips w/ Fries 

    Royal Indian Cuisine

Side Orders

Chicken with Fries

All served with fries 


Chicken Meals

 All served with coleslaw & rolls



All served with Fries & Coleslaw 


Chicken & Chips 

Chicken N' Chips (2 piece boneless)
Junior Chicken N' Chips (1 piece) 
Fish Sandwich w/ Fries (can soda)
Chicken Sandwich w/ Fries (can soda)


Bangan Achari w/ Naan                      $10.99
(Baby Eggplant cooked in traditional
curry w/ pickles) 

Daal w/ Rice or Naan                          $9.99
(Lentil curry mildly spiced 
garnished with cilantro) 

Panjabi Chana w/ Naan                      $9.99
(Chickpease cooked in a traditional style
with aromatic spices) 

Malai Palak w/ Naan                          $11.99
​(Creamed spinach cooked with spices
and herbs

Palak Paneer w/ Naan                        $11.99
(Spinach cooked with cubes of cheese 
in spices and herbs)

Bhindi Masala w/ Naan                       $10.99
(Chopped okra cooked w/ sliced onions, 
tomatoes & spices) 

Vegetarian Biryani                             $10.99
(Vegetables cooked w/ basmati rice, 
herbs & spices in sealed pot) 

​Aaloo Gobi w/ Naan                           $10.99
(Cauliflower & potatoes cooked in 
traditional style w/ spices & herbs)

​Kari Pakora w/ Naan                          $10.99
(Yo​gurt based yellow sauce cooked
w/ vegetable dumplings) 
Chicken Tikka Masala W/ Naan         $12.99
(Boneless cubed chicken marinated 
in yogurt & spices cooked in clay oven) 
Chicken Tikka Kabobs                      $11.99
(Boneless cubed chicken marinated in 
spices cooked in clay oven)
Chicken Biryani                                  $11.99
(Chicken w/ herbs, spices, onions
traditionally cooked with basmati rice) 
Chicken Seekh Kabobs (2pcs)          $4.99
(Ground Chicken w/ spices, cooked
​on a skewer in a clay oven) 
Chappal Kabob w/ Naan (2pcs)         $8.99
(Ground Chicken w/ spices, tomatoes,
onion, cooked on a griddle) 
Chicken Karahi w/ Naan or Rice        $11.99
(Boned Chicken cooked w/ spices, 
herbs in a wok) 
Chicken Curry w/ Naan                      $11.99
(Boneless Chicken cooked in 
curry w/ onions & tomatoes in a wok)
Chicken Achari w/ Naan                     $11.99
(Boned chicken w/ pickled flavor
cooked in curry w/ onions & tomatoes) 
Mutton Curry w/ Naan                       $16.99
(Goat cooked in traditional curry
w/ onions & tomatoes)
Mutton Palak w/ Naan                       $16.99
(Goat cooked w/ spinach in curry
​w/ onions & tomatoes) 
Mutton Biryani                                   $16.99
(Goat with herbs, spices,
onions traditionally cooked with basmati rice)
Haleem w/ Naan                                 $11.99
(Four grains mixed w/ ground beef
or chicken cooked in spices) 
Nihari w/ Naan                                    $12.99
(Boneless beef traditionally cooked w/ herbs
& spices in a curry)
Chicken Korma w/ Naan                    $11.99
(Boneless chicken cooked with herbs & spices in yogurt based sauce)
Chicken Haleem w/ Naan                   $11.99
​(Four Lentils mixed with ground chicken or beef 
cooked in spices and herbs)
​Butter Chicken w/ Naan                      $11.99
​(Boneless cubed chicken cooked
with herbs and spics in tomato based sauce)
Chicken 65 w/ Naan                             $11.99
(Boneless chicken cooked with
herbs and spices with chili and garlic sauce)
Fish curry w/ Naan                               $12.99
​(Boneless and skinless cod fish cooked with traditional curry sauce)

Non Vegetarian                           Vegetarian








Fish and Chips & Seafood